WTA Ballers
WTA Ballers

About Us


Our Goal:

Create elite Boys and Girls basketball players at all levels and ages. 

WTA Ballers represents:

Work Ethic - we want our players to outwork their opponents and have an advantage before the game even starts.

Teamwork - we teach our players to play together and for each other in order to win games.

Aggressive - we demand our players be aggressive and be on the attack at all times. We want our players to play with an edge and go at their opponents.

Ballers - Tough and confident players who live and breathe only basketball.


Skill Development:

We train and develop players in all fundamental aspects of the game. We emphasize and develop shooting.  Our players can knock down shots and hit 3's.  It is so important for teams to space the floor nowadays in order to be successful (Win games).  Shooting is a must have skill. 


Basketball Experience and Results:

We have over 20 years of coaching experience in School, Club and AAU Basketball. All Bay Area High School and Former Division 1 College Basketball player in the 1980's. Most of our players have won championships and prominent individual awards (All League, MVP, All Tournament, Most inspirational).  Several of our players have gone on to play College Basketball.